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jackieJacqueline (Jackie) Phillips-Weatherly is an award-winning contemporary fiber artist and silk painter who combines her love of fabric, photography, and nature to create her artwork. She has a BA degree in studio art from Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina.

A native of Southwest Michigan, Jackie loves nature and art, especially drawing, painting, and photography. Fall is her favorite season because nature is full of astonishing color and texture during this time of year. Her love for nature has continued throughout her adult life with her current artistic focus being influenced by the ocean and coastal wildlife.

Jackie has moved numerous times throughout her life, including different locations throughout her career as an analyst with the federal government. She has exhibited her artwork in and around Ohio, Missouri, North Carolina, Michigan, Indiana, Maryland, and California. While living in Dayton, Ohio, Jackie was a featured artist on PBS ThinkTV’s The Art Show. She recently resigned from her federal position to pursue her art full-time and now lives in Raleigh, NC with her photographer husband Derek Cadzow and their two cats. Her studio was formerly in The Carter Building in Raleigh, but is now relocated in her home in Willow Spring, North Carolina, just southeast of Raleigh.

Jackie is a member of the Surface Design Association, the Threads Artists Group (Raleigh, NC), the Textile Museum in Washington DC, Silk Painters International (SPIN), the Missouri Fiber Artists Group, and ArtSpace in Raleigh. Collectors of her artwork include CWE Medical, St. Louis, MO; Charles Frank Goldsmith, Raleigh, NC; SAS Institute, Cary, NC; and various private collectors throughout USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.

She believes her life experiences are represented in her art. Her choice of colors, composition, and variety of textile medium all contribute to the voice of each piece. Her use of bold color expresses her hope, optimism, and dreams for a positive and beautiful future.